Samantha & Stephen

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


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Family Friends

When you have a friend in your life as selfless and caring as Samantha, all you want is for them to find an equally incredible spouse to live life with and serve their community. When Stephen entered our world I could not have asked for a kinder, more generous match for Samantha and I knew that together they would do great things. This family is such a blessing to their family, their friends, and their community and would hands down be the best parents you could ask for to raise a loving family. Generous people change the world and this family is no exception.

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Jim and Debi

Samantha's parents

Samantha and Stephen are practically inseparable! They like to do all things together whether it be relaxing or cooking, which they do every day and actually sit down together and enjoy their creations. They both love children and will be the best parents. Samantha has always been a good Christian girl and implements Christian teachings daily. She loves the outdoors and playing with their pets. She is very creative and has done a great job of decorating their beautiful home. Samantha calls me daily just to "catch up" and check on her parents. We are very proud of her and know her best is yet to come.....being a parent.

Jim and Debi Endorsed Caring, dependable, Honest, Loving, Fun, Trustworthy

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Family Friend

Sam and Stephen are AMAZING - from the first time I saw them together, I knew they had the love, patience, dedication, and humor(!) needed to be parents. One quality I especially admire is their authenticity. Anyone who interacts with them will see how genuine and "real" their love is. They've been blessed to have found each other, bless those around them, and will continue to be blessed as they grow their family. Love y'all!

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Brother/Brother in Law

Stephen and Samantha are going to make great parents! They are loving, caring, and responsible. We have 3 little girls of our own and they always have a amazing time with their aunt Sam and uncle Steve and the way I see them interact with my children make me confident in recommending them as parents.

Mark Endorsed Trustworthy, Fun, Loving, Honest, dependable, Caring

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Best Friends

I have known Samantha for four years as we became instant friends. When Samantha met Stephen, I knew he was the one for her. I have been able to get to know Stephen and Samantha better together as our friendship has grown over the years. Stephen and Samantha are the most caring, fun, loving, intentional, selfless and encouraging couple. Their marriage is built on faith, love, trust and commitment. All of these traits solidify my knowledge that Stephen and Samantha will make amazing Godly parents who will provide a home for a child built on these foundations.

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Stephen’s mom

I have known Samantha for several years now and find her to be a delightful, thoughtful, compassionate and loving person. She goes out of her way to make me feel at home, when I visit, and blends right in to the family when she visits me. I feel blessed that Stephen and Samantha found one-another.

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