Mandy & Dave

Hoping to Adopt (Iowa)


Forest Gump is Dave's favorite movie. We are constantly quoting, "Lt. Dan, they got ice cream." quite literally every time we eat ice cream.
Dave loves old country music. George Jones is one of his top picks, among many others.
Mandy's favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice". If it is a gloomy day, this movie and a cup of tea fills me with joy.
If there was 1 album Mandy had to listen to on repeat for the rest of her life, it would be Clarify by Jimmy Eat World.
When I asked Dave, "What should I add to our list of favorites?" His first response, "My Bronco of course." Of course :).
Dave's favorite meal includes anything with beef and potatoes: pot roast and mashed potatoes, steak, or steak and ale pie.
One of my favorite activities is to read whenever I can. My favorite author is C.S Lewis!
From formerly playing, currently coaching, and watching every chance she can, Mandy absolutely loves volleyball.
In the Midwest, we experience all of the seasons to the fullest. Fall is our absolute favorite.
We love our Hawkeyes!
One of our favorite hobbies is golf. Dave has been playing his entire life, and I picked it up a couple of years ago.
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